Providing meaningless insight into twitch subscriptions, cheers, and emote usage since 2018

TwitchAnalysis shut down 29/05/2020

With data not being gathered since 04/05/2020 this website is only taking up useless resources on my VPS, therefore it is being shut down on 29/05/2020

TwitchAnalysis stopped gathering data 04/05/2020

Around may third (03/05/2020) twitch decided to severely lower its IRC rate limits. TwitchAnalysis used to connect about 9000-10000 bots for its functionality (this included a handful of bots that monitored hundreds to thousands of channels at a time as a failsafe), joining chats at about 40 per 15 seconds, decently below the original rate limits of 50 per 15s. Right now the bots seem to get throttled when joining at less than 3 bots per minute, with severe penalties like a join block for 10+ minutes. This makes it nearly impossible for TwitchAnalysis to deploy enough bots to gather useful information, and it will therefore cease functioning.
The bot was turned off for the foreseeable future on 04/05/2020 with no plans of turning it back on, but data starting 02/05/2020 seems unreliable to nonexistent. The website will stay on for a while without ads for users that want to see old data. TwitchAnalysis was a fun project that cost a lot of time and money, it is a shame it has to end, but today is the day.