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About TwitchAnalysis

TwitchAnalysis started off as a small project to find out how many subscribers a single streamer had, as I was curious how much money they were making. After a couple months of only monitoring a select few channels I wanted to know how accurate these numbers where, so I started gathering more and more data from more and more channels, comparing public numbers from streamers with that I found myself. It turned out the data was fairly accurate, but I was still off by a bit. By this point it became too annoying to query the data directly, so I created a portal, the first version of this site.
After paying a couple bucks for the domain and had everything set up, I moved the data gathering system to its own machine, as it was using up too many resources on my own VPS. So now this project is costing me about 10$ a month, but the data is now more complete than ever.
So if you think this data is interesting and want to support it, please consider donating (paypal):

Data collection

TwitchAnalysis currently monitors about 8000 channels that are currently online, and about 7700 channels that are offline (this number is constantly increasing, if a streamer has had >2000 viewers in the past month it gets monitored while it is offline). For some reason people like to share that they subscribed while the streamer is offline? About 1 in every 20 subscriptions the bot monitors seems to be made while the streamer is offline...
Since 03/05/2018 TwitchAnalysis is also recording gifted subs! Visible in the 'user' search function!

Shitty images

I told you they were shitty and you still accepted them, so enjoy. Ads don't earn this site jack shit due to the low traffic, so a couple of people not viewing any ads does not hurt income at all. Dont most people use adblock anyways nowadays?

All of these images were drawn when I was bored on my laptop at work, in an astonishing resolution of 128x32 pixels.

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